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Cannabiz Accounting is a Full-Service Accounting firm located in MI but expanding in the virtual market. 

Meet Our Staff:

Meet Our Team Cannabiz Accounting, Accounting

Kristy Schulze, CPA, CVA

Kristy is a 1996 graduate of Baker College and earned her CPA in 1999.   She is also a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA).  Kristy feels helping clients build a successful business also involves being able to value it for potential sales.  Understanding how to build the value of a business is what makes Cannabiz Accounting stand out from other firms.  Kristy has worked in both public accounting and for private companies in the past and is the managing partner of Schulze, Oswald, Miller & Edwards PC, the parent company of Cannabiz Accounting.

Outside of the office, Kristy loves her furry friends.  She is especially passionate about animals and the environment. During her vacations, she even spends time with marine animals as she enjoys scuba diving.

Meet Our Team Cannabiz Accounting, Accounting

Sandra Edwards

Sandra is a 2008 graduate of Michigan State University and a partner at the firm.  Sandra is a Quickbooks Pro Advisor and excels at numerous computer programs.  In addition, Sandra has 10 years experience serving as the lead auditor of the firm, so her knowledge of proper internal controls is excellent.  Her clients have used phrases such as “She’s a life-saver!” and “I don’t know what we would do without her!” to describe their relationship with Sandra. Sandra is very enthusiastic about serving the cannabis industry and whole-heartedly believes the ground breaking changes that are being made will be life altering for everyone. 

Not only is she one of the fastest around for getting client’s cost accounting done - she is also a fast runner. Her favorite distance is the half marathon.

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