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Reviews, Audits, and Compilations

Does the thought of hiring a professional to audit your company’s finances send you into a panic? While many business owners and managers dread the thought of an external audit, the truth is that reviews, audits, and compilations can be great tools to help grow your business. 

Professional, accurate financial statements are often required by third-party lenders who want to gauge how well your business is performing and assess risk before committing. At Cannabiz Accounting, we offer three levels of assurance based on your requirements. 

Professional Assurances Services

Our firm understands the importance of accurate financial reporting when developing strategic partnerships. These services are provided by our team of dedicated accounting and financial professionals in an effort to grant you long-term value and peace-of-mind.  We have the expertise, knowledge, and enthusiasm to help our clients prosper, and we are proud to serve businesses throughout the United States. 

Our team of audit specialists provides professional assurance services that are prepared in accordance with an acceptable financial reporting framework. If you aren’t sure what type of assurance is right for your business, you can learn more by setting up a consultation with one of our CPAs. Here’s a brief overview of the assurance services we provide. 

? Audits - Our audit service includes a complete review of your financial statements, accounting records, and internal controls to assess discrepancies and/or fraud. After the audit process, we will issue a formal report that dictates whether the financial statements have been reported fairly. We will also work with you during the audit, so we can advise you on any weaknesses or issues we have identified. This will help you and your team make positive changes that will put your company in a better position. 
? Compilations - Our compilation services are more limited in scope, but still offer peace-of-mind to third-party grantors or lenders. Our team will go over your financial reporting system and accounting methods, and then create a professional statement of our findings.  Although we won’t express our opinions of the accuracy of your financial records, we will disclose whether we feel they are appropriate in form and free from any obvious mistakes. 
? Reviews - Our review service provides a simple compilation of financial statements with limited assurance, which provides banks or lending companies with a better understanding of a company’s financial health. We apply analytical procedures and comparisons so we can offer a limited assurance for your company.

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Our audits, reviews, and compilations are designed to provide your management team with a detailed overview of your company’s financial health. While these assurances are often required by lenders and grantors, they are also a useful tool for growing businesses. Contact our Alpena or Rose City accounting offices to learn more about how we can help. 

Understanding each report's unique strengths and weaknesses can help you choose the most appropriate one. Please call if you have questions about which type of report is right for you or complete the form below for a free consultation.

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