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Welcome to Cannabiz Accounting a Full-Service Accounting firm in Michigan.

A boutique firm of CPAs with a niche in the cannabis industry. We offer specialized cannabis accounting, consulting, and tax compliance.

Marijuana is now legal in many states but still illegal at the federal level. The industry has great growth potential but with that comes high risks and complexity.

Cannabiz Accounting works with clients to have up to date records throughout the year to ensure not only compliance but also monitoring for tax planning.

Working with our firm grants you access to experienced accountants and CPAs that are staying up to date in the ever-changing Cannabis Industry. Being specialized in this industry allow us to provide you with services and tools to have your financials ready not just for preparing a tax return, but for your own review and decision making and also in the event of an audit.

Our clients do not see our relationship as a cost, but as “Expert service that pays for itself.”

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